The video test included in the HTC Arrive's full review was shot at VGA resolutions and the quality wasn't very good. At the request of readers, we took the Arrive out for another video test. This time setting the resolution to 720p, as well as shooting at close distances. Flowers are yet to be in full bloom so I choose the next best thing as my subject, toy cars.

We noticed an improvement with respects to video quality and was impressed with the camera's close-up focusing abitlities. The toy cars were video taped from about six inches away. The AF took a few seconds to adjust when moving the camera around but that's easily resolved by slowing down your movements.

I didn't see any of the pixelation or distortions that was present with the VGA test in any of 720p the test videos shot. Additionally, close-up still photography was equally impressive.

720p is clearly the way to use the Arrive's video camera and raises our overall opinion of the camera when compared to VGA quality.  Now we just need to get Microsoft to update the software so we can park the video camera on 720p.

Footnote: Make sure when holding the Arrive while shooting video you don't cover up the microphone. Your finger can act as a pretty good mute button.