Update 2: The HTC download site seems to be intermittently displaying and hiding the official 6.1 download info. Don managed to grab a direct link to download when it was last up -- we share it here for you now: direct download. Thanks, Don!

Update: Don writes in to say HTC has taken the download down and, indeed, they have. Guess you'll have to wait until Monday for your legit 6.1 action.

Happy ROM day, Sprint users! Following up on the availability of the 6.1 ROM update for the Sprint Touch, we hear from Lucas that if you head to HTC's support site for the Mogul, here, you'll find the update for the Mogul as well. The update list is a bit shorter than what was available for the Touch:

  1. Upgrades the operating system from Windows Mobile® 6.0 Professional to Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional
  2. Adds Sprint TV
  3. Includes all enhancements incorporated in previous software upgrades including:
    • EV-DO Rev. A functionality for faster download and upload speeds when utilizing data services wherever EV-DO Rev. A coverage is available.
    • Advanced GPS functionality including the Sprint Navigation application.
    • Adds a Task Manager to the Today screen for easier access and management of running programs.

Lucas adds that Sprint and HTC probably intended for this release to be officially available come Monday, but you clever WMExperts readers can go grab it right now.