Alright, Motorola, this just might be the last of many last straws. Or it's the straw that's going to break the camel's back. It's getting so easy to beat up on your lately, it's like you're a straw man. Straw.

The bad news we refer to? EverythingQ is getting reports that not only are you not stocking the Q9c on Sprint's website, but Sprint's reps are saying that it won't be restocked, that it's done. There's nothing coming down the pike that we know of either. Well, there's that “Mystery Q” you let drop in a Promo video, but our shot of it shows that it's clearly a GSM device.

So if the Q9c is really EOL'd for Sprint, is that it? The Q9 series is pretty much the only bright spot you guys have lately and now you're screwing that up, what with the alphabet soup of confusing additions to the Q9 brand and then this? Motorola Q9c, “the c is for C-YA!”

We're hoping not, because finding good news for Motorola lately is like looking for a needle in a haystack (of straw). Here's a hint: that needle would be a re-vamped Q9 with WiFi included, just like that strange Q9h that BGR got ahold of.