We'd already heard rumblings that Sprint would be cutting its Phone-as-Modem tethering plan from $40 a month to $15 month, and we're now getting confirmation that it's true.

The Solid Wolf, proud owner of a Sprint account and one of the greatest handles since the Bandit, confirms that the $15-a-month PAM pricing is in effect, and that the aforementioned 5-gigabyte cap is still hanging overhead, just as if you were using a Broadband Connect card.

After a quick chat with a customer-service robot representative, it looks like this is a done deal:

Phil: Wanted to check on phone-as-modem pricing. I'd heard that it's down to $15 a month, but that you must already have an account. Is that correct?

Estella S: Your Sprint Power Vision phone can be used as a high-speed Internet connection for your laptop computer anywhere on the Sprint network. Connect your Power Vision phone using a USB cable or the built-in connection on Bluetooth-enabled phones all for just $15 per month with a qualified data plan.

Phil: Is that available with a new plan? Or just plans that are already active?

Estalla S: It is available with a new plan or an existing plan.

Score another point for Sprint, and let's hope the other carriers follow suit. You hear that, AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon?

And a big howl to The Solid Wolf for the tip!