Update: Looks like out intuition that it was the same clueless person who used a PalmOS screenshot on the image at right who also dubbed the Sprint Q9c the "Q2." Both have been fixed at Sprint's promo site. It will indeed be the Q9c, so we can breathe a sigh of relief about that. Then take another breath and hold it until Sprint releases the sucker on Black Friday.

Alright, I've had it. Motorola, listen up: You are not HTC. If you want to be HTC, you need to crank out a ton of different form factors. Just because you can't develop a coherent naming strategy doesn't mean you're competing with HTC. It's just silly.

I'm referring, of course, to the Smartphone-Formerly-Known-As-the-Motorola-Q9. Sprint's version is now apparently going to be known not at the “Q9C,” but as the “Q2.” Take that with a grain of salt, however, because the promo site that names it as such also slaps a PalmOS screenshot on the sucker. So what I'm saying is we can still believe in a Christmas miracle - Motorola and Sprint not confusing things by slapping a “2” after the “Q” instead of a “9.”

In any case, it's rumored to hit on Black Friday for $149.99 after rebates.

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