So if you have been following our long and convoluted posts from the last 2 days about Sprint, you may know that Sprint is is not increasing data plans nor re-categorizing smartphones/pda into more expensive plans. This was despite some hysteria earlier that suggested this would be the case on July 13th.

However, the plot thickens but only for SERO plans (all regular subscribers can go back to CuteOverload)

Basically, on July 10th Sprint is reportedly soft-launching their new SERO system renamed "Everything Plus", followed by a hard-launch (new website) on July 13th.

What are the changes?

  • Everything Plus 500 is going to be $59.99
  • Everything Plus 1000 is going to be $79.99
  • Simply Everything for $99.99 will still be an option

It's like the old SERO plans except you get GPS Navigation included and charged more. Much more. Signing up may also be more strict i.e. you might actually have to know a Sprint employee. The gall!

The upshot? Current SERO subscribers will be "grandfathered" in and there are reportedly no special requirements for the upcoming Treo 800w (unlike the Samsung Instinct), meaning it should be compatible with older SERO plans.

Should you believe it? The people who posted the info are long time members of HoFo and seem to have all the details.

We'll get back to you July 11th with our verdict. Now lets us enjoy our raging BBQ.

Via HowardForums

Special thanks to fgkay & MinistrOfJustiz for the tips