Well this little gem slipped through the cracks around these parts (and others). Evidently, Sprint and IBM have teamed up to implement IBM's Lotus Expeditor.

The fun part? It's only Sprint's WM6 smartphones that are part of the IBM/Sprint agreement (currently), meaning those lucky users will get first shot.

How is all of this integrated you may ask? Well, who knew that Sprint had a next-gen Java platform that was in beta testing and getting ready to roll out. Called "Titan" the platform

...can run generically written rich GUI applications that can run across a broad range of devices and desktop computers. The platform also includes APIs to give you access to Sprint specific phone features.

Hey, we're all about better integrated Java on Windows Mobile instead of the emulator-feel of the current platform. What's cool of course is the combo with IBM will allow developers "...to create collaborative, desktop-style applications for client and mobile devices" and since we all know IBM Lotus Notes email and Lotus Sametime are fairly popular amongst the business crowd, perhaps it won't be long till those are bundled on future Sprint Windows Mobile devices.

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