Ok, I lied earlier, something sweet DID happen at Digital Life. I got a sneak preview / hands-on with the upcoming Sprint Touch. It looks pretty much like the photo above, which is to say it has the Sprint logo on the lower front. Sadly, the hands-on was so brief and hurried that I wasn't able to snap any pictures.

Details? You want details? Wilco:

  • The new keyboard looks very much like the "Happy type" keyboard. It's decent, but I'd likely keep recommending SPB Fullscreen keyboard.
  • The TouchFlo "cube" is still there, linking to some Sprint-specific stuff but still very useful. Still only 3 sides.
  • WiFi is dropped in favor of EVDO. I confirmed that will be updated to EVDO Rev A eventually.
  • It's a hair thicker than the original Touch, but still very svelte.
  • That fourth icon on the right of the HTC Custom Home screen is a super-convenient profile switcher.

Sprint Touch == iPhone killer? Well it lets you buy directly from the Sprint Music Store, has 3G, is shorter, does full music, video, YouTube, Full Office Mobile, etc etc etc. I know which one I'd rather use.