It hasn't been too much of a secret that we're expecting the Sprint Touch Pro 2 in the early part of September. We've already seen a direct ship date of Sept. 3, and now it looks like that's been pushed to Sept. 8, which could point to an in-store date of Sept. 13, if Sprint follows its MO of Sunday launches. Price is $599.99, before rebate and subsidy, we presume.

After the break, we look at a gem of a leak scored by bigchico68 at (And thanks, aero, for the tip!)

We're looking at the "Quick Reference Brief" (Rapidshare link) from Sprint, dated Aug. 10 and noting a "start date" of Sept. 8. In it is the usual fare, specs, Sprint-only services and the like.

World Phone capability is confirmed, meaning you can use it on GSM networks. It also will work on Japan's CDMA network.

Also of note is a spec comparison chart, showing the Touch Pro 2 spec'd out for all for major U.S. carriers — interesting because while we've seen leaked phones from all four (Verizon, Sprint and AT&T), only T-Mobile has actually announced existence of the phone (and actually released it).

As you can see in the chart, the specs are identical, except the AT&T and T-Mobile versions appear to have Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR, compared to 2.0 +EDR for Sprint and Verizon. And throw in push-to-talk for AT&T. (Does anybody actually use that?)

Now's where it gets really interesting. Also compared are a couple of phones we saw in that massive AT&T leak that Engadget scored earlier this year — the LG Monaco and the HTC Warhawk (aka the Touch Diamond 2). The Reference Brief lists those phones as being on AT&T, so that could well firm that up. Or maybe Sprint's just been reading ;) Also, the Samsung Omnia II is listed on Verizon, which we're expecting.

We're getting close, folks. Just a couple more weeks.