A ways back we said the date for the much anticipated (well, for a few of us at least) Palm Treo 800w was July 22nd.

Then newer info popped up suggesting it got bumped to July 13th.

Looks like that latter date is turning out to be correct as what looks like to be a scanned inventory sheet for Sprint was posted at HowardForums. The sheet also confirms our scoop that the 800w will sport a button on top of the device to toggle WiFi on/off.

The launch also appears to be available a few days earlier Wed, July 9th for business partners (BP) of Sprint which is not that unusual (Edit: klmsu19 in the comments points out "BP" probably stands for BrightPoint, "a global leader in the distribution of wireless devices and the provisioning of customized logistic services to the wireless industry").

Start saving those bucks as full retail price will be $599.99 and we're expecting it to be $249.99 after contract and rebates.

Oh yeah and don't forget about that Treo 800w giveaway contest ;-) Remember, July 13th and we suppose July 9th are off-limits!

Thanks Commo for the tip!