Ah, DSL Reports. That high-speed, mobile and virtual drag-racing website where geeks alike go to compare the speeds of their devices and wage endless carrier wars with each other.

Plus it's also great for seeing unreleased devices pop up on "the grid", so to speak.

In this case we have Palm's highly anticipated Treo 800w (which Dieter and I just love talking about in the latest podcast). Sure, it's hardly ground breaking stuff but with "silly season" upon us for this device, any news, sighting or info gets some of us psyched.

What does the report tell us? Not much. 320x320 resolution, it's on Sprint, it's running Mobile Internet Explorer 7.11. That last bit about MIE 7.11 is also important as IE 7.x is found in WM 6.1, though it is not clear if it's the full new version of Mobile Internet Explorer that Derek "the Master of Mobility, the Wizard of Wireless, the Warlock of Windows Mobile" Snyder showed off a while back with full Flash, Silverlight and h.264 support or the slightly improved (but it's no Opera 9.5) version found in WM 6.1. Time will tell.

Finally, while that speed (475 kbps) ain't bad, it's well below that of EvDO RevA speeds telling us either that device is non-RevA-enabled (as our earlier report suggested) or perhaps there were no RevA towers at that moment.

Thanks to AngelsFan for the tip!