We've been pretty on-the-ball covering all the Sprint Treo Pro news out there of late -- so on the ball, in fact, that we're starting to get a little tired of it.  From the going up for sale, to disappearing from the same, from the Feb 15th delay to the question of RAM based on internal document leaks, it's been pretty oversaturated.  In fact, we were starting to worry that nobody much cared about the device, so when Joe and Scott both sent in tips last night that it was available on "backorder" at BestBuy.com for a whopping $699.99, we'll cop to telling them "If we post one more time on the Treo Pro, there will be a riot."  Apparently not, however, because here we are, reminding you that it should officially go on sale on Feb 15, but Best Buy will let you lay your hard earned down now.

Now that we see sister-site TreoCentral and Engadget Mobile getting in on the action, we figured we may as well admit that, yes, despite the lingering question of whether or not it's Pocket IE 6 that's sucking the Program memory out of it (listen to our podcast for more) or if it's just plain old gremlins, we do think the Treo Pro should be a great device on Sprint's network and also sorely needed.  Now, we have to ask, what on earth is driving the price up to $699?  Even considering that it's the unsubsidized price, that's the opposite of "reasonable and affordable."

Thanks (and apologies for not believing in the Treo Pro) to Scott and Joe!

Update: One last bit because we can't help ourselves.  We expect the unsubsidized price to be $549 and have pretty much confirmed that, so this Best Buy Preorder, we're going to recommend you give it a pass.

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