Update: It appears Sprint has now pulled the Treo Pro from their website completely, so our "jump the gun" remark was pretty accurate.  Who wants to bet your orders don't ship until at least Monday? Oh, Sprint.

Even though we are expecting some stores to have the Sprint Treo Pro for sales this Sunday (25th), it looks like Sprint.com has jumped the gun and begun advertising Palm's latest WM Treo this morning.  So you can hop over there now and order up.

No real suprises: $549 for the phone, -$200 for a contract and minus another $100 for a MIR, which brings it down to $249.  One caveat on that MIR: read the fine print to make sure your current plan qualifies.

We are still awaiting more confirmation on this, but it appears the Treo Pro has 96mb RAM and 512mb ROM, meaning Palm has doubled the available storage memory for programs, bringing it to about 336mb. More than enough for photos, data and program storage.  On the other hand, RAM may have taken a hit, meaning you may only have ~42mb of RAM after a soft reset. (See page 363 of the user manual --> .pdf).  We're working to confirm this last part, so take with a small grain of salt.  And yes, it's okay to pray that it's not true.

Other than that, it's running the same old Qualcomm MSM-7501a processor at 528mhz, which IS a nice bump from the 400mhz GSM version, plus a 1500mah battery for a nice 5hrs talk-time.

Thanks GrayKode!