One app that was missing from the carrier software on the Sprint HTC Arrive was Sprint TV (see our hands on with Sprint Radio here).

Luckily, our wait is over as the app is now available in the Marketplace (hit the link here on your phone or use the Sprint hub to get to it). Featuring ESPN, NBC, Disney Channel, ABC, FOX News, you can watch a lot of live or streaming on the go, including some of the latest movies. Some of the features are free, included with your plan, while there are also "premium" features available for some extra cash e.g. Sports Xtra & Sprint TV Xtra which are $5.99 and $9.99 a month, respectively. Oh hey, there's a Looney Tunes option for $4.99 a month too...dibs. [Edit: for some reason we're getting an error when we try to subscribe--this happened on Radio too, could be Sprint's servers still catching up]

Downside? You can't use it over WiFi. Yeah, go figure--they want you to use your "unlimited" data connection.

Over all, the app is well polished and designed and takes advantage of the landscape/keyboard layout of the Arrive quite nicely. Give it a go in the Marketplace and we'll see about a video in the morning.

Thanks, @David_Strait, for the heads up!