The latest WiMAX news, it has a new name. That's pronounced "Zohm" and the good news from the new teaser site is that it's "coming spring of 2008." You still shouldn't expect the full rollout until the end of '08, though. There's also a news page were you can see all the folks they've teamed up with: Google, Clearwire, Intel, Motorola, Samsung. Not mentioned is Nokia, who's been rumored to want to bring one of their fancypants tables to the WiMAX network.

Oh, apparently we're on the verge of another internet revolution, too. I can't remember, are we post-Web 2.0, Web 3.OH, or what now? And to think I used to have a hard time pinning down the definition of postmodern literature.

The Internet is on the verge of another revolution. Coming in Spring of 2008, Xohm promises to bring fast, secure and smart wireless access to cities, enabling the possibility of a whole new range of high-bandwidth applications and uses. Xohm also will expand the Internet experience by partnering with the best companies in the industry to enable a new class of devices with Internet capabilities. Beyond just laptops, the vision of Xohm is to empower PMPs, video cameras, MP3s and more with Internet access.

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