We don't really know exactly what devices are going to be made available, but Sprint intents to really and truly get the ball rolling on WiMAX right quick, as in the next few days. Good thing, too, because Sprint has promised WiMAX coverage for 100 million people by the end of '08 - a target that might be a little tougher to hit now that their pact with clearwire recently was 86'ed.

With any luck, Sprint will be trying something new with their XOHM service: subscriptions instead of long-term, 2-year contracts. I know I'd rather pay for “use whatever you want on our network for the next six months” instead of “let us nickle and dime you every month, plus: you can get out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

Sprint does seem to be righting the ship after ousting their CEO in October (executive-ousting has been in the air lately, eh?). Interim CEO Paul Saleh definitely has his eyes on exactly the right ball: keeping his customers by treating them right.

Sprint Nextel will soft launch its XOHM WiMax network in the next few days according to Bin Shen, VP of Product Management and Partnership Development. Chicago, Washington DC and Baltimore will all go live at soft launch

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