If you've been following our series "Why does Sprint not have MMS (aka PictureMail) on its WM phones", you would have known that Sprint was on record as saying they were bringing this function to their WM lineup "soon".

Well soon has come what with the launch of the much anticipated HTC Touch Diamond yesterday. It was known from the leaked manual that this device would be the first WM phone on Sprint to have native PictureMail. ZOMG.

And sure enough not less than 24 hrs after the announcement of the Touch Diamond's availability, the .cab to install PictureMail is floating around the 'nets, thanks in part to no2chem1, well known from the ROM cooking fellas at PPCGeeks.

Click the link to see some screen shots, get the download and hear about some lingering issues before you install...

All is not great yet, however. Some are successfully installing this on their devices (including yours truly) but are getting odd "G66: There was an error trying to register your phone" errors (despite having PictureMail enabled on the account) to problems with high memory requirements. That latter part is especially pertinent to the memory anemic HTC Mogul. Users have had to reportedly shut down all their plugins and running apps just to get this bugger up and running. On the 800w, this has not been an issue.

Easter egg: It appears that there may be some type of additional functionality not yet enabled--Photobucket and MySpace support. At least the registry strings are there...

So hackers and tweakers: put your nerd caps back on and lets get down to brass tacks to get this thing running on all WM devices (that is, unless Sprint wants to lend a hand?).

1: [link removed by Verisign's request]