To: Dieter Bohn (
From: Phil Nickinson(
Subject: Re: Sprint Picture Mail App


You must be mistaken. The Sprint Picture Mail App has finally been officially released? On Windows Mobile? I don't believe it. Somebody pinch me.

It's not gonna be like when we got that takedown notice/were forced to go into hiding for three weeks for that leaked version we've reported on in the past, is it? I can't handle that again. Thought I applaud your ability to make a casserole from Spam and saltines. That was mighty tasty.

Anyway, this just can't be. Sprint with an honest-to-goodness picture mail app? Never thought I'd see the day. But sure enough, here's the link to the cab file.

Uh oh. Knew it couldn't be all good news. Malatesta says that his Treo 800w on Sprint isn't supported. That's a pretty big bummer. Actually, it's pretty friggin' ridiculous. Doesn't even work if you disable Palm's custom SMS and use the default Windows Mobile 6.1 style, as detailed in our forums.

I wonder if it'll work on the HTC Touch Diamond. ... Granted, it doesn't have Palm's customizations. But surely Sprint wouldn't screw over both of its latest and greatest devices (not to mention the people who use them). Then again, this is Sprint we're talking about. The more things change, I guess ...

Those kids over at Everything Q sure were on the ball to spot this one.


(And thanks, Scott, for the tip!)

Update: OK, that rant about the 800w might have been a little premature. (You know we've got high hopes for ya!) A couple of our commenters have noted that there's another link where you can choose your device. Give that a shot. Thanks, xdalaw and dannzeman.