You still can't get hold of the Sprint-flavored Touch Diamond yet, but you can be the first on your block to know how to use it, all thanks to your pals at WM Experts and PPC Geeks.

A quick run through the document hasn't divulged anything we didn't really expect. No true MMS (boo), and it appears that Sprint's Pocket Express is on the ROM, as is RSS Hub, Sprint Instant Messaging, and other Sprint goodies.

We're still looking for an official launch in September, with a price of $299.99 after rebates or $549.99 sans contract.

In the meantime, bone up on your Diamond skills here and keep counting down until the big day.

Thanks to Doc31 for the tip!

Update: A slightly more thorough look through the manual after the jump.

Upon further review, here are some more treats:

  • It looks like you can print through Bluetooth out of the box, so that's cool.
  • An MP3 Trimmer to edit down and save files as a ringtone.
  • You can switch between threaded and "classic" text messaging. (But why would you want to?)
  • Windows Live is built in, with Live Search Bar, Live Messenger, Live Mail and Live Contacts.
  • As mentioned above, Pocket Express, and RSS Hub.
  • Built-in tethering (for that nice $15-a-month plan).
  • The usual Sprint TV and Sprint Music Store options.
  • Sprint Navigation
  • That custom Opera Mobile build.

See anything else you like? Mention it in the comments.