We're getting word that both Verizon and Sprint's upcoming Touch Pro 2 — aka "Rhodium" — are getting closer to launch.

How do we know? Evidently the ROM has been finalized and is ready to ship:

  • RUU_Rhodium_W_VERIZON_WWE_1.16.605.1_RS_1.71WV_NV_VZW_1.38_0505_PRL58002_Ship_PPST
  • RUU_Rhodium_W_Sprint_WWE_1.21.651.3_RS_1.96WF_NV_S PCS_1.42_0430_PRL60652_Ship.exe

With the ROMs locked down, it seems more about dotting their i's and crossing their t's now, specifically time-to-market, FCC, packaging, production, etc. One thing looks certain: Verizon and Sprint are both racing to get this out at the same time.

We can also confirm the radio frequencies available for this CDMA/GSM world phone on both carriers:

  • GSM; GPRS; EDGE; CDMA;UMTS-HSUPA 2Mbps; CDMA2000-1xRTT; CDMA2000-1xEVDO; CDMA2000-1xEVDOrA RL-1.8M,FL-3.1M

Looking pretty sweet.  Verizon, along with its HTC "WhiteStone" device, is poised to make one heck of a WM splash in the next few months.