It’s been a while since we mentioned Square Off, the lovable twin-stick indie shooter from Gnomic Studios. I’m pleased to report that the developers have been hard at work updating their game with a much-requested feature or two. Most exciting for players who haven’t tried the game yet, though, Gnomic released a free version today!

Square Off Free contains the same seven levels of alien-blasting fun that we praised in our review. Players take control of the Square Avenger, who uses a jetpack and guns to defend the earth from obnoxious one-eyed invaders. The free version, as you might expect, displays ads at the bottom of the screen. I’d prefer the ad banner to be shorter height-wise and spread all the way across the bottom of the screen, but the current implementation is probably a limitation of the advertising software. At any rate, the free version is a great way to experience the game at no cost, and you can always pony up for the paid version if you tire of the ads.

Speaking of which, Square Off’s version 1.3 update also debuted today. It brings the following changes:

  • Online high scores and ladders!
  • Variable speed movement control
  • A number of stability / bug fixes
  • German language support
  • Smaller download size for new users (

Online leaderboards are the most significant addition. They should add a lot of replay value, especially to the endless survival mode that players can choose to enter after completing a level.  Ze Germans will probably appreciate the localization, too. WPCentral has also received word that a Mango update will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead. We’ll be sure to let you know what it brings to the table as soon as we can.

Square Off costs $1.99 and you can grab it here from the Marketplace. Square Off Free costs even less – pick it up here.