Star Command is a great real-time strategy game where players blast their way through all manner of ridiculous interstellar shenanigans, and it's coming to Windows Phone. The developer has announced that they're in beta testing now, and should launch alongside their next big update which adds galactic free roaming, a new combat system, crew equipment, lots of space pirates to blow up.

Star Command boasts excellent writing that constantly pokes fun at sci-fi tropes, with more than a few Star Trek references. The new ship-to-ship combat system will be rejiggered so that you don't have to go through mini-games to fire when playing in free-roam mode, plus you'll be able to target specific subsystems.

As always, there are boarding parties to contend with, long-term character progression which advances skills based on what kind of duties you put them on, and losing all of those built-up abilities because of one pesky hull breach that sucked your lieutenant into the icy embrace of the void. Wrap all of that up in chunky retro graphics, and you've got a really fun little game.

There's no hard and fast timeline for when we'll see Star Command for Windows Phone, but we're eager to see it go live sooner than later. Any takers?

Source: Warballoon