Star Wars Lede

The official Star Wars Twitter profile has announced that a new game will be launching on not only Android and iOS, but Windows 8 and Windows Phone too – Star Wars: Assault Team. Prepare those blasters as Disney will be releasing a brand new experience for you to travel to a galaxy far, far away.

So just what is Star Wars: Assault Team? We're not entirely sure, but according to the screenshot teased by the social team on Twitter, we could well be looking at a strategic card game. It's interesting to note that we're likely to see a simultaneous cross-platform launch, something previously unheard of when it came to Windows Phone.

Star Wars: Assault Team

We'll hopefully have more details in the coming weeks as to exactly what Star Wars fans can expect to see in this latest mobile title. For now, consider yourself teased with the above and stay tuned for updates on our part should we learn anything else.

Source: Twitter (@starwars)