Although the app-gap for Windows Phone dwindles each and every day, there are still a few banner apps missing. One of those is Starbucks for the US market (there’s already one for Mexico and Russia, who are managed by different companies).

The Starbucks apps aren’t just store locators, like the well-done app we covered this morning, but they help manage your account, keep track of awards and lets you replenish your pre-purchase card. The apps on iOS and Android are quite popular, but Windows Phones in US are left on the sidelines.

Now, a tweet from My Starbucks Idea, strongly suggests that the app is being developed.  The verified Twitter account for My Starbucks Idea is a front end for their website, where users can make suggestions, vote and discuss all-things Starbucks. In a response to a question about Windows Phone, the Twitter account noted:

“The team is working on something for this.  Stay tuned.”

That sounds pretty definitive, though we should leave some wiggle room for error, as this is not an official announcement. Still that was a clear and concise statement.

The timing suggests it might be part of the Windows Phone 8.1 release though that’s yet to be determined. Likewise, Starbucks are updating their iOS app to support barista tips directly, allowing users to give 50 cents, $1 or $2 up to two hours after the transaction. A Windows Phone app may be part of a greater "digital" push by the Seattle coffee maker.

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Jorge S., for the tip

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