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A new report, via unnamed sources, claims that the next major version of Windows, code named Threshold, will actually replace the current Windows 8.1 Start screen with Microsoft's new version of its Start menu.

The story comes from well connected Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott, via his own unnamed sources in the company. They have indicated that the new Start menu, which was briefly shown by Microsoft at its BUILD 2014 developer conference in April, won't just be an option in Threshold but in fact will be a full replacement for the current Start screen.

So how will this work? According to his sources, Thurrott says the new Start menu isn't really based on the old menu that's so familiar to Windows desktop and notebook users. Instead, when a PC with Threshold (which may or may not be called Windows 9 when it launches) boosts up, it will detect if the PC is a traditional laptop or notebook and then provide a Start menu that has the same kind of size as the old fashioned UI.

However, if Threshold is used on a device that just has a touch screen with no keyboard, like a tablet, the Start menu will then boot to a full screen experience that will look much like the current Windows 8.1 Start screen. Users will apparently be able to switch from the full screen to the smaller Start menu with Threshold, according to Thurrott.

As usual with these kinds of unconfirmed reports, take this new story with a grain of salt. It's also possible Microsoft could change its plans as well. Current rumors have Microsoft launching a public preview of Threshold this fall, with a full release sometime in spring 2015.

What do you think about this new rumor of a Start menu that changes size depending on the hardware?

Source: Winsupersite