State of Decay

Developer Undead Labs and publisher Microsoft have announced that some retailers will offer their own unique pre-order bonuses for the upcoming State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition. The graphically remastered version of the Xbox 360 zombie action game is coming to the Xbox One on April 28.

State of Decay knives

Anyone that pre-orders the digital or retail edition of the game will gain access to the "Prepper's Pack" that includes a "SKS Survivor firearm, a Folding Axe melee weapon, and a Prepper-friendly SUV." Additionally, GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy are each offering their own special in-game knife for pre-orders. Microsoft says:

  • GameStop will get "The Avalonian" – A true work of art, taken off the body of a fantasy enthusiast whose excitement at having real zombies to stab with his enchanted dagger was tragically short-lived.
  • Amazon will get "The Android" – A next-generation box cutter infused with the best that modern technology has to offer. Ergonomic grip, perfectly-angled blade, and an edge that never wears out.
  • Best Buy will get "The Australian" – Now that's a knife! Intimidate crocodiles and street punks alike with this replica knife, straight from the wilds of Hollywood.

If you bought State of Decay for the Xbox 360, you will get a $10 discount when buying the Xbox One version. Those folks will also gain access to a new character, Gurubani Kaur, who can use "two unique swords and a special, permanently-suppressed rifle."

Source: Xbox Wire

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