Here's a cool app that's popped up on our Mango radar. StickyTiles is a cool little app for your Windows Phone that allows you to create sticky notes for your Start Screen. Okay.... so where's the coolness in that?

The coolness is that you can create double sided sticky notes. StickyTiles' interface is simple and straightforward. You have blank tiles/sticky notes where you can set the color (default is to your Windows Phone theme) and enter multiple lines of text. If you need to create a back side to the note, check the box and type away.

When your done, tap the push pin button and the note is sent to your Start Screen. If you have created a double sided note, the sticky note will rotate every couple of seconds. Tapping the note from the Start Screen will send you into the app and to delete the note, just unpin it.

StickyTiles is a free application but you'll need Mango on your Windows Phone to use it. You can find StickyTiles here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace and you can find more information about StickyTiles at the developer's  website.