Free Skype Calls

Microsoft is sending out more reminders to consumers who are still using Messenger with an offer for them to upgrade to Skype. On April 8th, the company will be merging both Messenger and Skype together, including IM and contact lists. This will require consumers to upgrade to the communication service, which will see the end of Messenger as we know it. To help soften the blow, Microsoft is offering a month of free calls for those who sign up with Skype.

To be able to redeem the welcome gift, one has to download and install the latest version of Skype, sign into a Microsoft account (using the same email address used for Xbox,, etc.) and head on over to Skype to set up payment details and you're good to go. This trial enables consumers to call mobile phones and landlines in numerous countries.

The reason why said details are required is that a subscription ($9.99) will automatically be started once the free trial is over - so be sure to cancel before the trial is up (by the 27th day) should you not wish to pay. It's stated on the website that a promotional price will be offered for those who sign up for the paid subscription with over 50% off the usual price.

Source: Skype