Store app updated with interface tweaks on Windows 10 Mobile

As if the surge of recent app updates wasn't enough, things are getting a little meta with a new version of the Store app rolling out to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. While the update lacks in the way of new features, it does bump the version number from 2015.23.23.0 to 2015.25.5.0, and brings some interesting interface tweaks to the mobile version.

First up, the hamburger menu button has been replaced in landscape mode with category tags up top, along with the addition of your account image. Additionally, the "Check for Updates" button has moved from the bottom right of the screen to the top right in portrait view. You can check out both changes in the images below.

Mobile Store Landscape

Mobile Store Portrait

It's far from the most thrilling update in the world, but the category options in landscape look pretty nifty, and some will be happy that the hamburger button has been nixed for at least one view. As always, if you want to check out the latest changes to the Store app, you can grab the update now from within, well, the Store app.

Thanks to Vicente Augusto Silva Riccio for the tip!