Looking for a nifty novelty app for your Windows Phone? Billed as the most natural storm experience on your phone, Stormy 7 might do just the trick.

Stormy 7 creates a mist on your Windows Phone, similar to the condensation that forms on windows during a rainy day or the bathroom window when you take a hot shower. With Stormy 7 you swipe at the screen with your fingertip to doodle or just wipe away the condensation.

The background image can be the stock backyard scene, an image from your Windows Phone gallery or one captured with your Windows Phone camera. The effects are really nice from the sound to the water droplets falling in relation to your Windows Phone orientation. Sound effects range from the squeaking sound your finger makes as it slides across the screen to the sound of distant thunder.

Settings cover which background image you want to use as well as microphone sensitivity. Microphone sensitivity you say? Yep. If you blow into your Windows Phone microphone, the screen will fog up again.

Stormy 7 is an interesting novelty app for your Windows Phone but one downside is that there is no trial version. The full version will run you $.99 and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Update: There is now an ad-supported, free version of Stormy 7 available for a limited time.  You can find it here at the Marketplace.