Band Sensor Monitor

The Microsoft Band is one of those super fascinating accessories that has a ton of potential. Venetasoft is one of those companies, experimenting with the Band and even teaming up with hospitals to use the wearable with patients.

Today, Venetasoft's app Band Sensor Monitor goes to version and with it comes the ability to stream your Microsoft Band's sensors to the web for remote viewing. This app is a super neat implementation of the Microsoft Band, your Windows Phone, and Azure cloud computing.

The web streaming features works like this:

  1. Make sure Microsoft Band is paired to your Windows Phone 
  2. Run Band Sensor Monitor 
  3. Tap the Band in the upper right corner 
  4. Select 'Share Sensors' 
  5. Turn the toggle to 'On' 
  6. Grab the generated App Key 
  7. On a separate PC navigate to
  8. Enter in App Key  

The whole process takes 15 seconds to do, and once you enable it, you can see your Band's sensors streaming in real-time to the web.

In theory, this can be used to monitor sick or elderly people, although there are potentially lots of applications, including in medical research.

The Band Sensor App needs to stay open and the Windows Phone on for this to work, so you want to have your Phone plugged in if using this for an extended duration.  You can also generate a new App Key at any time for security.

Overall, Band Sensor Monitor is a fantastic demonstration of the power of the Microsoft Band. The app is free to try although it costs $1.99 to keep.

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Download Band Sensor Monitor for Windows Phone 8.1 ($1.99, free trial)

Thanks, Bob M., for the tip!

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