The Roku Express 4K+ media streaming device has gone on sale for $29 at Amazon. That's a $10 discount off the Roku's regular price and the first time we've seen it drop this low since February. This is a great chance to get easy access to 4K content without paying a bundle. In the lineup of Roku products, despite this one being one of Roku's most recent releases it's actually one of the least expensive. Today's price puts the Express 4K+ just $5 above the regular Express, which doesn't support 4K content. You can find this deal at other retailers like Best Buy as well, although shipping may not be free in all cases because of the affordsable price.

Roku Express 4k Plus

Roku Express 4K+ 2021 | $10 off

Whether you need to augment a dumb TV or just need more streaming options for your current platform, this is a great and inexpensive way to gain access to tons of 4K content and one of the larger streaming libraries around.

$29 at Amazon

You can never have too many different ways to binge all of your favorite content, and there are plenty of reasons you might want a device like this. Even if you already have a smart TV, you might be amazed at just how much faster and overall how much better the Roku Express is compared to your TV's built-in smart platform. Let's face it, few TVs really get it right. Roku is a company that depends on getting it right for any sort of success, so you know accessing the Roku library is going to be fast and consistent.

The Express 4K+ is the least expensive way to access 4K Roku content, too. With HDR support you can really up the image quality. Binge watch your favorite shows with the best possible picture you can squeeze out of your TV.

With dual-band Wi-Fi, you can get an even smoother experience with fewer interuptions. Plus you can connect to your home network and add the Roku to your smart home. Control it with Amazon Alexa and voice commands or use the included remote that also has voice search.

The Roku content library includes all of your favorite streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and more. Plus you get access to Roku originals and other apps you might not have been aware of. Roku makes it all super easy to set up and get into as well.

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