Redbox for Windows 8

How’s that work? You oppose technological advances but you’re using Windows 8? Anyways, if you’re a fan of picking up a DVD or Blu-ray from your nearest Redbox location you’ll be happy to know there’s a Windows 8 app. Let’s take a quick look at this app.

First off, Redbox is a US (and Canada) only thing. Just had to say that before all the “WHY USA ONLY?” comments show up. For those you in the US who still don’t know what Redbox is here’s a crash course. Redbox is a company with hundreds and hundreds of kiosks at supermarkets and gas stations around the country. Inside those kiosks are DVDs, Blu-rays, and sometimes games. You can show up and see what’s available at a particular kiosk. Or you can move into the 21st century and use your smartphone or tablet to look up availability and reserve movies. And that’s exactly what the Redbox app for Windows 8 does.

Redbox for Windows 8 screenshot

Download and install the app. After that you can sign into your Redbox account or create one within the app (Expect an update soon – my app had trouble keeping me signed in). Then you can:

  • Find a Redbox location near you
  • See what titles are available at a specific Redbox location
  • Reserve the rental and checkout from the app, all you need to do is pick-up later
  • Driving directions to nearest Redbox
  • View movies and games by release date, genre, and rating. You can also watch trailers from within the app.

Redbox for Windows 8 Screenshot 2

It’s identical in function to the app already on Windows Phone 8, but just designed for the larger screens of Windows 8. If you want to grab Redbox for Windows 8 be sure to go to the Windows Store.

Thanks for the tip Chris L! 

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