We've talked about the Microsoft sponsored student contest here and here before. The winners are to be given brand new Mango devices, which of course raised all sorts of questions e.g. what phone, is Mango RTM'd, etc. Well, we now know the answer to all of those.

Turns out at least one student managed to received the HTC Mazaa, a device mentioned a few times in the past as being the latest "dev phone" for Microsoft employees and we imagine software partners. Featuring a gyroscope for those Mango APIs, the device is similar to the Trophy in many ways.

Over at XDA, one of the student winners has posted a screen shot of his about screen to prove it is what it is. Not bad kid, not bad at all. The phone is even running Mango 7720:

"For those who might be interested. I was one of the 50 lucky winners in the ongoing WPAPPITUP student developer competition, and was promised a Mango phone about a week or so ago. To my surprise I arrived home to find a package from Microsoft waiting for me. Open it up and I find my self a brand new unlocked HTC Mazaa, running Mango 7.10.7720.500.

First impressions the phone is fast, whether it just be the new Mango build or the phone itself I'm not entirely certain. But it runs circles around my HD7. On the same note comparing it to the HD7 it's a lot smaller. It also only has 8gig of internal not upgradable internal memory, which doesn't really cut it for me. However, beggars can't be choosers, and I'm glad to have the phone either way."

Hopefully some more info will be coming forward about this new phone, specifically that Adreno GPU. Very cool.

Source: XDA; via WPSauce