This is interesting, yet saddening, news for our student developers in the community. According to a statement from the Windows Phone Marketplace support team, student developers will have to close their DreamSpark accounts once their studies have finished, unpublish apps on the student account, open a paid developer account and re-submit apps due to no migration facilities being available.

The official statement:

"You'll have to wait until the App Hub account expires, then renew your Live ID with DreamSpark. App Hub gives you a 30 day grace period to renew, so don't worry about your published apps.

To re-verify as a student, go to, sign in with your Live ID, click verify on the left-hand side of the screen (if there is a tick mark next to it, your subscription hasn't expired yet).

There is no way to change the account type. The only way to renew is with an active DreamSpark account. If that is not possible, you will have to create a paid account, unpublish the apps from the student account and submit them under the new one. The app IDs will be different as there is no way to migrate data."

Unfortunately the app IDs will be different due to the re-submission, which will mean every URL pointing to the app in the Marketplace will become broken unless Microsoft deploys a redirect. While I understand the stress and disappointment for the lack of migration tools available, I do believe students who have completed their studies should pay for an upgrade to a full developer account like everyone else. However, there has to be a migration service implemented that will move across apps and whatnot.

What are your takes on this? Sound off in the comments.

Thanks Philippfor the tip!