Summer Of Metro Continues – SkyDrive gets the new look

The metrification of Microsoft’s web properties continues. Yesterday we reported that the Accounts page update was rolling out. This time Liveside are reporting a leak of the new, flatter SkyDrive. Word is, that we will see these changes appear around August time. Amongst the changes deduced from the screenshots looks like we can expect to see:-

  • Thumbnails of Office document types
  • Ability to select files from the thumbnail view
  • Improved access to storage management, tagging and changing language type
  • Groups accessible from the left hand column

Summer Of Metro Continues – SkyDrive gets the new look

Personally, as a long time user of Microsoft’s online services these changes could not have come soon enough. Finally, we are losing the baggy, old-fashioned look of before and the different parts are coming together, united under Metro. It is plain to see in these shots that they are making the web experience more touch friendly. Exciting times for Microsoft, I look at what they have been doing over the last few months as we edge towards the big launches and Microsoft are almost unrecognisable from where they were this time last year. Let us hope they keep it up.

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What do you guys think of the changes? Does Microsoft have the minimal design bug? Anything you would like to see rolled into the new Skydrive UI? Let us know!

Plenty more screen shots are available over at so be sure to head along and have a look.