Sunset Overdrive

Ready to crush the OD'd? Well Sunset Overdrive is now available for Xbox One for pre-order and pre-download. The game comes in two coveted editions, Sunset Overdrive Pre-Order Edition and Sunset Overdrive Day One Deluxe Edition. The Sunset Overdrive Pre-Order Edition, which is $59.99, gives you day one access to the game and four exclusive weapons as well as an awesome suit.

The Sunset Overdrive Day One Deluxe Edition runs at $79.99 and comes with all the items in the regular pre-order edition including an extra weapon as well as two more outfits. However, this edition trumps the other with the addition of the Season Pass, which alone is $19.99. The Season Pass itself comes with six outfits and six guns, as well as two Amps and two Traps. It will also give buyers access to two new locations that will include new weapons as well as new monsters when it is made available.

Which version of Sunset Overdrive do you plan on picking up?

  • Sunset Overdrive Pre-Order Edition - Xbox One - 22.98 GB - $59.99 - Link
  • Sunset Overdrive Day One Deluxe Edition - Xbox One - 22.98 GB - $79.99 - Link

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