The Xbox One exclusive open world action game Sunset Overdrive will receive its second DLC pack, The Mystery of the Mooil Rig, on December 23 for the price of $9.99. It will also be included as part of the game's Season Pass that's on sale for $19.99.

The Mystery of the Mooil Rig offers a new section for Sunset Overdrive players to explore; an oil rig that's been placed outside the main city and surrounded by water. The DLC pack will include new story missions and challenges to complete, along with new weapons and two new water-based abilities. One is Water Dive, which lets players dive briefly under the water before jumping back out. The other is Water Slam Bounce that allows players to slam their character quickly down into the water and then jump back up higher and quicker.

Developer Insomniac Games has some other content that will be added to the Mystery of the Mooil that remains a mystery for now.

Source: Insominac Games