Earlier this afternoon, we reported that Microsoft Stores were getting stock of the new Surface 2 with LTE, destined for AT&T. At the time, we were unable to post photos due to a confidentiality request. Since that time we have ascertained more information, which we can share with you now.

The 64 GB version of the LTE based Surface 2 will have an in-store price of $679. Compared to $549 for the 64 GB non-LTE Surface 2, consumers are looking at $130 price hike for having permanent internet connectivity. We do not yet know if AT&T will be offering any tie ins or contract deals to lower that amount, though it’s certainly feasible if you toss in a 2-year contract.

In terms of radio hardware, the Surface 2 will have support for 850/900/1800/1900 2G bands, 3G UMTS (bands 1,2, 5) and LTE (bands 4, 7, 17), in addition to Wi-Fi a/b/g/n. Being an RT device, it runs Windows 8.1 RT, though we do not know if any of the internal silicon has been updated with this series refresh.

Interestingly, the codename for the Surface 2 with LTE was ‘Microsoft Donnell’. This will be the first Surface from Microsoft with LTE and it marks a significant advance in marketing reach. It's not clear yet if a Surface Pro 2 with LTE will be introduced, though we suppose everything is an option for Microsoft at this point.

No word on availability but we’re expecting them to be announced relatively soon. Stay tuned.