Surface 3

Microsoft has announced that the brand new Surface 3 will be available in 27 markets globally by May 7, one of which is the UK. Pricing has been announced and pre-orders are now being taken by the British Microsoft Store to have one in your hands on launch day.

The starting price will be £419.99 for the Wifi only, 2GB RAM/64GB internal storage option. Double both and the price goes up to £499.99. The LTE versions aren't currently available to pre-order but have been given a UK shipping date at present of June 26. You can, however, sign up to be notified when they are available to order.

Additionally the Docking Station and Type Cover have been priced, too, and will cost the same as the comparable versions for the Surface Pro 3. The Docking Station will RRP at £164.99 and the Type Cover £109.99.

Any takers?

Source: Microsoft Store UK

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