Surface Book

Earlier this week, people who tried to purchase the upcoming Surface Book 2-in-1 notebook from the Microsoft Store were greeted with an "out of stock" message for all models. Now the Surface Book is back on sale again at the Microsoft Store site, but with some lengthy shipment schedules now showing.

The 128GB and 256GB Intel Core i5 models, along with the 512GB Core i7 version with a dedicated GPU, are now showing shipment times of between 5 to 6 weeks. The 256GB Core i5 and 256GB Core i7 models, both with the dedicated GPU, have even longer shipment times, showing they will go out in 7 to 8 weeks after the order is received.

As we pointed out earlier this week, some models of Surface Book can also be pre-ordered at Amazon and Best Buy, but it remains to be seen how many units they will have available.

Pre-order from Amazon Pre-order from Microsoft Pre-order from Best Buy

Source: Microsoft

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