Microsoft has today introduced a brand new Surface product to its line-up of premium Windows 10 PCs. Alongside the Surface Pro and Surface Book, the new Surface, simply dubbed "Surface Laptop" is a kind of middleman between the form factor of a Surface Pro, which is primarily a tablet, and the Surface Book, which is primarily a 2-in-1. The Surface Laptop is, rather obviously, just a laptop.

The Surface Laptop appears to be built for higher-education students and professionals who don't need the form factor of a Surface Pro or Surface Book. Sporting a more typical laptop clamshell design, with multiple color options including Platinum, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue and Graphite Gold. It's a 13.5-inch PixelSense display, meaning this screen will look crisp and clear much like on any other Surface product.

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The Surface Laptop is 14.47mm at its thickest, with its thinnest side being just 9.9mm. It also weighs just 2.76lbs, which is incredibly light. The keyboard base features the same Alcantara material found on the special edition Alcantara made Type Cover on the Surface Pro 4, which is a unique material for a keyboard base on a laptop.

Microsoft is touting an incredible 14 hours battery life with a Kaby Lake Intel Core i5 CPU. That's incredible, but hardware makers are known for being overzealous when it comes to battery life claims.

Inside, on the high-end, is an Intel Core i7 CPU too, meaning it'll pack a lot of performance in its thin form factor. The lowest end model will start at just $999.

Surface Laptop launches June 15th.

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