It seems Microsoft isn't content to let Apple hog all of the spotlight today. Hot on the heels of Apple's big iPad event, Redmond responded with a new Surface Pro 3 ad that highlights its productivity features. The ad itself is re-cut from the original announcement video, but focuses more on the Surface Pen, ads a new tagline, and more.

The ad starts out with a simple question: "Why is Surface Pro 3 the most productive tablet on the planet?" And then goes on to list the slate's various specs and features to the glorious "wub-wub" of a dubstep backing track.

The focus on productivity is a particularly smart move on the part of Microsoft because it works as a direct response to Apple's emphasis on its own productivity suite, as well as the integration of its products.

Our own Daniel Rubino reviewed the Surface Pro 3 back in June and came away pretty impressed, so be sure to check that out.

What do you think of this latest Surface Pro 3 ad? Do you think it is an effective response to Apple?