Microsoft China posted an update on popular social network Sina weibo earlier today that Surface Pro, the Surface tablet/ultrabook that's built on Intel's desktop processor, will be available on 9:00pm, April 2nd (Beijing time). Microsoft announced on its official blog that Surface computers will be available in more markets in 2013, and China will be the first new market for Surface Pro.

The Chinese version of Surface Pro will be sold through Suning, the partner who was partly responsible for the lackluster sales of Surface RT in that region. But this time Microsoft isn't giving anyone "exclusive dealership" any more, for it has established its own Microsoft Store (online only) in China, and built an official store on, China's largest B2C e-commerce platform ever.

Microsoft China hasn't revealed anything about pricing on its Surface Pro pre-sale page. However, Chinese site WPDang has dug something out of their undisclosed sources, and found the pricing of Chinese Surface Pros quite impressive:

  • 64GB units: 6,588 Chinese Yuan (CNY), translates into roughly 1,061 US$, after tax, without Touch or Type Cover
  • 128GB units:  7,388 CNY (1,189 US$), after tax, without Touch or Type Cover

The retail price is about on par with the US price plus tax. Chinese consumers will get two years of warranty instead of just one, for the Chinese laws require all computers and their key parts be covered by at least two years of warranty.

Source: Sina weibo, WPDang