Surface 8 Pro Screenshot

Promotional videos can be really awesome or really cheesy. This new one for the Surface Pro falls in the middle. It doesn’t offer any of the heavy bass drops from the dubstep intro for the first Surface, but it does highlight some of the compelling features of the Surface Pro. Check it out.

Not a flashy ad, but it does tick off some of the features that set the Surface Pro apart from other tablets. The emphasis was definitely on productivity over consumption. Clever of them to highlight the ability to charge a USB device from the power brick and the pen with Photoshop. Two little tricks that most tablets like the iPad or Nexus 7 can’t really compete with. I think the goal was to show this is more than just a tablet, it’s a full blown PC.

Videos like this aren’t meant to be shown on traditional TV ads, it runs at an attention deficit busting 1 minute and 24 seconds. It’s mostly meant for people doing researching Surface Pro online, it could also do well with those ads that you’re shown before a movie starts at a theatre.

With the Surface Pro coming out in a little over two weeks, we’ll probably see more advertising as that date approaches. Any of you thinking of picking one up?