Just as was reported yesterday, Microsoft has begun to push their Surface RT into third party retailers—a move that was not suppose to occur until after the New Year.

Heading to Best Buy’s and Staples online stores we can see the Surface RT now available, with the Surface front and center on Best Buy's site. The popular retailers are carrying three version: 32GB with no keyboard, 32GB with black Touch Cover and a 64GB with black Touch Cover. No word on accessories or other colors for the Touch Cover being available, though perhaps they are in store. The prices are the same ranging from $499 up to $699.

The Surface RT on Best Buy's website

We haven't been to our local stores to see if physical stock is in and on display, though we're sure it probably will be soon enough.

Microsoft is reportedly ramping up production of the Surface RT due to high demand and is getting deals with electronic retailers to help distribute the tablet. This is certainly great news as many folks don’t live near a Microsoft Store and therefore can never see one in person. With much higher visibility, we should hopefully see the Surface RT sales take off 

Of course a cynical interpretation would be that Surface wasn’t selling so well, so Microsoft is pushing up their retail strategy to aid the underperforming device. With no solid sale figures to confirm or deny, we’ll just have to wait and see. Thanks, David D., for the tip!

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