Surface Traveler

Have you ever wanted just to travel and not worry about typical living expenses? A German college student, Leonie Müller, has decided to do just that. The 23-year old has ditched paying rent for the typical apartment and has decided to live instead on trains, thanks to a a special subscription that lets her board any train in the country for one low price.

According to The Washington Post, the flat-rate train ticket costs about $380, compared to Müller's previous apartment that cost about $450. It adds:

"Now, Müller washes her hair in the train bathroom and writes her college papers while traveling at a speed of up to 190 mph. She says that she enjoys the liberty she has experienced since she gave up her apartment. "I really feel at home on trains, and can visit so many more friends and cities. It's like being on vacation all the time," Müller said."

"The 23-year-old's unusual housing choice has gained her media attention in Germany and appeared on national news sites such as Spiegel Online. "I read, I write, I look out of the window and I meet nice people all the time. There's always something to do on trains," Müller told German TV station SWR in an interview. Since risking the move, Müller's life fits into a small backpack in which she carries clothes, her tablet computer, college documents and a sanitary bag."

That tablet computer happens to be a Surface from Microsoft, which Müller shows off in posts on her travel blog, Wherever you go, There you are, along with her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Would you attempt to live on a flat-ticket train subscription with your Surface tablet? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Washington Post, "Wherever you go, There you are" blog