If you think Internet Explorer 9 on Windows Phone is slick, you should try it with Surfcube 3D. The browser is a wrapper for IE9 that extends and enhances the browsing experience while making it super cool--after all, it makes it a 3D "cube" that you can spin around.

We've heard that there's at least one hidden surprise with the browser and now you can see it for yourself. Go to Settings --> About and tap the Kinabalu Innovation logo (the mountains) to enter the free-cube mode. Basically the cube become unhinged and "floats" with the accelerometer.

Surfcube 3D

Useful? Not really. But fun to goof with? Definitely.

Anyways, we always like little stuff like this. Hopefully you caught the sale for Surfcube this past weekend. If not, you can pick up the ad-free version here for $1.99 with trial or go for the ad-supported free version here in the Marketplace.