In The Surge, those who remain in overpopulated cities must work to survive as social programs become saturated by an aging population. On top of that, environmental disasters are on the rise. The world is bleak and individuals have to head out to the suburbs looking for jobs. In order to increase their productivity, exoskeletons are fused with their bodies. The Surge focuses on targeting particular body parts on your enemies. If you're able to cut them off, you can equip them.

A Walk in the Park is coming to Xbox One, Windows PC and PlayStation 4 in on December 5, 2017. As the name suggests, it takes place in an amusement park. It's definitely more colorful than the bleak corridors of the first game but also deadlier. The entire park is a trap where rescue teams have lost their minds and murderous robotic mascots patrol freely. Today's teaser trailer gives players a first look at the amusement park-gone-wrong called CREO World.

The Surge is known for its weapons and armor and A Walk in the Park further builds upon that. Throughout the campaign, you can cut and equip over a dozen new weapons, armor pieces, and implants. The expansion offers a challenge for even the most hardcore player. Be sure to check out the game at retailers if you enjoy such Dark Souls-like experiences.

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