The latest trailer for upcoming action RPG The Surge is here, and it shows off some pretty intense combat. And from the looks of things, surviving The Surge's combat will require a combination of skill and impeccable timing. Check it out below:

The Surge's combat system is highly skill-based, with positioning, speed, and technique all playing a significant role. You'll have to take advantage of dodges, blocks, ducks and jumps enhanced by your exo-suit in order to avoid a quick death while also maneuvering yourself into a position to strike at your enemy's weaknesses. Of course, you'll also get to call on a little help from a CREO drone for shielding you or slamming you enemies with a variety of different attacks.

Why Dark Souls fans should pay attention to The Surge

The Surge will offer up intense action RPG gameplay set in a deeply dystopian future where the planet is dying and humans are enhancing their bodies with technology. Made by the studio behind Lords of the Fallen, The Surge includes deliberate combat where one wrong move can mean death.

The game is up for pre-order for $60 now and will be available on May 16 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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